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2017, July 31 – Wow!! Now, that was a very, very fast 6 weeks! It doesn’t seem possible, but, tomorrow morning Mary and I will disembark on her first and my second journey to Mainland China. I will begin my second semester teaching at Shandong University of Arts (this semester, teaching Abstract Painting!) and Mary will join me for 6 weeks. A week after our return (and it takes that long to recover from jet lag!!!), we will begin touring some wonderful places in China. I am retaining my fall semester interpreter / translator for a 12 day excursion – expenses paid and stipend. He will be our travel agent, translator and all ’round guide. This is something that Mary and I could never, ever do on our own! We can’t read bus schedules let alone – train, plane and hotel information! We will be taking a train from Jinan to Beijing – We will be staying two days and two nights at each destination. So, first, Beijing (the Great Wall), then train to Xi’an (the terra-cotta warriors), then fly to Chengdu (the Giant Panda Reserve), then fly to Suzhou (Beautiful landscape and gardens – famous for its silk fabrics) and finally train to Shanghai and train back to Jinan! This should be incredible, especially if it’s not too hot! So, Part 2 of this amazing journey and epic season in our lives is about to begin! Wow! Absolutely amazing stuff!

Stay Tuned………Still More To Come……….