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Well, it is set. I do in fact leave Monday, the 13th of March, and arrive Wednesday morning at 12:30am local time; 13+ hours ahead of EST. I received my Z visa this past Monday, the 6th. The visa processing started at the end of November 2016! It is a one entry visa which will be ‘traded in’ no more than 30 days after my arrival for a ‘Residence Permit’ issued by local authorities.
This whole adventure is becoming very real now – it’s scary, exciting and overwhelming. I need to take things one step at a time and enjoy the ride!
However, my little ones I leave behind is without question – the most difficult part of all this. We keep saying to ourselves, it’s not forever (which it is not) and we can get through this – which we will. Our Creator will protect us all and allow for the safety and prosperity of all of us.
I so look forward to getting into the art studio classroom again! It should be very, very interesting teaching through an interpreter – it will probably slow the pace down somewhat – but special thanks to my amazing former student Jiani Su, she translated my entire curriculum into Chinese! So, I’ll have both translations and maybe that will quicken and clarify communication somewhat.
Maybe I make one more entry before I leave, maybe not. However, soon I will be posting from the other side of the planet! Good Heavens!!!!! What an amazing thought!!!
Definitely More to Come……Stay Tuned……..