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Really hard to believe! I am now in downtown Jinan, China. The flights over were very good, but very, very lengthy. First, I was told in Rochester that my checked bags were going straight through to Jinan. So, I get to Shanghai and double check where they might be – they told me that they delayed or lost and I had to fill out paperwork for lost luggage. Then I get to Jinan and I say, ya know let’s just check Luggage Claim 5 just for kicks. Well, the folks in Rochester were right. They went straight through 0 Whew!
Anyway, I got here safe and sound and already starting to take photos – I’ll send some in my next report! What an amazing place and most of all what an amazing people! All sorts of stories!
I have lunch with the President of the University tomorrow And I’ll meet the Dean on Monday and start teaching!
More to Come………..Stay Tuned………….