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At last, my Letter of Invitation / Confirmation and my Work Permit has arrived from Shandong University of Arts and SAFEA. However, my work permit is valid for 6 months, instead of 1 year, as I assumed it would be. And the first day of my arrival in China is stated in my work permit as March 31, 2017. So, it looks like I’ll be arriving much later than I initially expected and maybe only teaching one semester. However, we’ll have to wait and see. I may be asked to ‘up’ another semester; maybe not. Whatever the case, I am overjoyed to be given this extraordinary opportunity and I’ll take it one day at a time. And enjoy every single second of this great adventure. If it turns out that I will be in fact at SDUA for one semester, Mary will join me much earlier than expected. Maybe more like beginning of July.
Shhhhh don’t tell anybody!…..I also have another university interested in inviting me as a Visiting Scholar / Foreign Expert nearer to Shanghai (more southern, warmer weather and a bit better air!). So that might be a possibility for the Fall semester, if SDUA does not ask me back for the Fall semester.
All in good time…..All in good time! One step at a time and we’ll see how all this comes to pass!
Very exciting stuff for an old bloke like meself! So, I’ll just enjoy a bit more time with the family, get some painting done and relax and prepare a bit more before the end of March. Stay tuned……..More to come…….