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Well, here it is Sunday, February the 19th and the visa thing is slowly moving again. My Letter of Invitation from Shandong University of Arts (SDUA) and my Work Permit from SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs) are in the post and on there way here. No email documents here, I need originals for visa application. When I receive them, I submit to the Chinese Consulate in NYC and receive my visa. For anyone interested, I started this entire process / employment application / visiting professor proposal in December of 2015. So, yes, it been a long strange trip so far and the trip / journey hasn’t really even started yet!
My best questimation is I will be on my way in probably two weeks or so – late for the beginning of the semester; students start classes tomorrow, the 20th. I’ve been allowed to start a bit late – so, I’ll be truncating my course a bit and as we used to say in the 60’s – “I’ll just go with the flow!”. And so it goes……stay tuned….more to come!